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This is an independent article on a supposed Sytropin Scam.  To visit the official Sytropin Site click the link below.


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Does Sytropin Really work to get a leaner body?

Does it really help to rejuvenate the organs and cells?

Is the company just trying to take my money?

If you’re looking to find out if the product Sytropin Scams people out of their money you’ve come to the right place.

There are a number of people online who claim both that SYTROPIN has benefited them greatly including benefits like these….

* improved skin elasticity and a reduction in wrinkles

* regrowing of  hair and/or thickening of hair

renewed energy and vitality leading to (among others) greater cardiac output

*  sleep better and feel more rested

* increased  sexual performance and libido

*sharper focus and mental acuity

*disease resistance and rapid wound healing

* stronger bones and muscles, lower blood pressure, and decreased cholesterol

Equal to this are people who claim that they have received no benefits and that the product is a scam (we’ll get to the FREE TRIAL claims later)


With regards to whether it works there are two things to keep in mind.


The first is that much of the marketing in the world of HGH talks about the benefits of HGH INJECTIONS.  Sytropin is not an injection of HGH nor is there any actual hgh in it.  HGH is only available via a doctors prescription.  Injections generally cost around two thousand dollars a month.

The reason they are only available over the counter is that there are health risks.  There are terrible long term side effects like the pituitary gland stopping making its own hgh….and a resulting drug dependency to keep getting hgh.

Syropin is what is known as an HGH releaser.  It has  tested HGH releasers and secretagogues shown to stimulate the pituitary gland to manufacture its own hgh.

This chart may make this more clear…

Sytropin HGH Injections
Fast Obvious Results X
Long Term Side Effects X
Long Term Results X
No Side Effects X
Helps the body produce its own hgh X
Creates a drug dependency X
Has been studied extensively X X
Works gradually X


A great many of the people who have gotten nothing from HGH are people who give it a short try and then give up.  There is no supplement that can take 10years off a person’s age overnight.

According to studies SYTROPIN does ,however, show good results in increasing hgh levels over time.  Since it needs to stimulate the pituitary gland it takes weeks to see the optimal results.  (Sytropin itself recommends a 3 month minimum time to allow results which is the same as the companies money back guarantee.)

The rewards according to some tests are roughly the same as that of  HGH INJECTIONS minus the side-effects and the expense.

Test subjects lose weight while maintaining (gaining) muscle mass as well as the other benefits listed at the top of this page.

So give it time.

The other way people sometimes think that Sytropin scams them is that they are confused over the policy if you sign up for a free trial.

The company operates the same way the old record companies used to.  Remember that?  Ten records for a penny then you are autoshipped a new record every month until you cancel.


Is the Sytropin Free Trial a Scam?


The confusion is that many people don’t read the conditions of the free trial then when their credit cards get charged for the next months supply they scream scam all over the internet.


Here is the company policy with the information you would need to cancel highlighted if you choose to..


“If you are happy with your Sytropin order simply keep your free trial bottle and do nothing; a fresh 60-Day supply will be shipped to you approximately 30 days after your free trial order. Your credit card will be charged the reduced VIP price of just $39.95 + $3.95 S&H for each 30-day bottle, a 30% savings!

You will continue to receive a fresh 60-day supply every two months after that, conveniently billed to the same credit card used to order your free trial today. You may cancel at any time for any reason, and the bottles you have received are yours to keep.

This free trial offer is not valid with any other special offer or discount, and is limited to one per household.

You may cancel your VIP membership at any time by visiting or emailing our VIP membership department at

So there you go…

So many people are getting so many benefits and you get a trial to see if it works for you.

In our opinion there is no Sytropin Scam

If you want to try it yourself click the link below…


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